Customer Portal for a Law Firm which helps their customers to manage Intellectual Property Rights. It was an information public website to provide required information about their services and offerings which includes what they do, who they are and how you can connect with them.

My Role

As UX Designer

  • I was responsible for creating, supporting and setting up standards for high quality user interface designs, mockups, prototypes and Style guides.
  • I was responsible for creating and developing Usability Test cases, performing the Validation and Feedback incorporation.

As UI Designer

  • I was responsible for developing pixel perfect solutions, converting prototypes to real functional application.
  • I was engaged in project at development stage with the development team for implementing CSS code structure.
  • Collaborated with development team to produce the deliverable on time.

Tools Used

HTML | CSS | Javascript | Photoshop | Dreamweaver


UX Design


UI Design