NVXL Technology

Company website and customer Portal for a Tech Startup company. This informational website was developed as a public gateway to provide insight about the company and it's work. Also to provide necessary information to prospect customers and to demonstrate company’s products. It also includes blog section/feature to publish some cool and innovative posts for it's users. This web site was hosted on Wordpress.com.


UX Design


UI Design


Graphic Design

My Role

As UX Designer

  • I was responsible for creating, supporting and setting up standards for high quality user interface designs, mockups, prototypes, and Style guides.
  • Focused to drive innovation design solutions that support customer needs and business objectives
  • Responsible for developing usability test cases, perform the UI testing and validation

As UI Designer

  • I was responsible for Brand implementation, developing pixel perfect solutions, converting prototypes to real functional portal.
  • Develop dynamic interfaces using Responsive Frameworks, such as CSS3 and best practices to make the portal available across all kind of devices (i.e. Android, IPhone, IPad etc).

As Graphic Designer

  • Designed and manufactured branding elements like logo, banner, buttons etc., which was also required to embed and consumed by Customer Portal
  • Developed Style Guide and themes to define branding standards like color coding, fonts and other design standards.

Tools Used

Wordpress | HTML/HTML5 | CSS/CSS3 | Javascript | Sketch | Photoshop | Illustrator