An App and a Customer Portal for a Startup company to provide services/products to its customers. App (Oncodetector) was developed to determine the cancer stage by scanning the patient’s biopsy. This app was designed to use on all kind of devices. For privacy reasons, cannot show the app design but will try to brief what I have done on the same.

On other hand customer Portal as a public facing website, was developed to provide necessary information, app demonstration and to customer sign up who want to avail their services.


UX Design


UI Design


Graphic Design

My Role

As UX Designer

  • Acted as UX Lead and was responsible to drive innovation design solutions that support customer needs and business objectives and worked with end users to conduct User Experience Research, understand detailed requirements, design complete User Experiences and map to client needs.
  • I was responsible for creating, supporting and setting up standards for high quality user interface designs, mockups, prototypes, developing Usability Test cases, performing the Validation and Feedback incorporation.
  • Invovled in helping the team to create User Manual for the app to demonstrate and guide the essential features of the app.

As UI Designer

  • I was responsible for developing pixel perfect solutions, converting prototypes to real functional application.
  • Used industry best practice and frameworks to make the app and portal accessible from different mobile and desktop devices.
  • Collaborated with development team to produce the deliverable on time.

As Graphic Designer

  • I was responsible for designing and manufacturing branding elements like logo, banner, buttons etc., which was also required to embed and consumed by Customer Portal.

Tools Used

Bootstrap | HTML/HTML5 | CSS/CSS3 | Javascript | Photoshop | Illustrator | Balasamiq | Dreamweaver | Visual Studio