Remax / The Vault

This website was designed for internal users/agents. Main Objective was to provide a Dashboard to their agents to track their Buy and Sell property listings. Site was developed as a Web Application and was enriched with other Features like: Add/Update Listings, Track the History, Send Notification/Alerts and some BI Features to show the Geographical details of the Property.

My Role

As UX Designer

  • I was responsible for developing Wireframe and Mockup, and for documenting the front-end requirements.
  • Worked with client and stake holders to understand detailed requirements, design complete User Experience and map to client needs.

As UI Designer

  • I was responsible for developing pixel perfect solutions, converting prototypes to real functional application.
  • Used industry best practice and frameworks to make the app and portal accessible from different mobile and desktop devices.
  • Collaborated with development team to produce the deliverable on time.

As Graphic Designer

  • I was responsible for designing and manufacturing branding elements like banner, buttons, themes etc., which was also required to embed and consumed by Customer Portal.

Tools Used

HTML/HTML5 | CSS/CSS3 | Javascript | Photoshop | Dreamweaver | Visual Studio


UX Design


UI Design


Graphic Design